50 Years of Excellence & Service

About HandCraft Cleaners

HandCraft Cleaners is a family-owned and operated, full-service dry cleaning and laundry establishment. Since opening our doors 50 years ago, we have consistently focused on superior quality, customer service, and fair pricing. We provide services to local residences with individual needs as well as organizations with bulk needs, such as cleaning school uniforms, mascot and theatrical costumes, dance wear, choir robes and catering linens. We have also grown to operate HandCraft Linen Services which provides healthcare linens and uniforms to the medical community.

Three leaders of Handcraft Dry Cleaners

We ensure our employees are kept up-to-date on the latest industry trends via extensive training and participation in national association and focus groups, including the Dry Cleaning and Laundry Institute, Side Tilt Management Consulting, and the Retail Merchants Association. We are environmentally conscious and we actively recycle, winning both Gold and Silver Awards from the City of Richmond for Environmental Compliance.

Many of our employees have been with us since we have opened our doors. What does this mean to you? Expert cleaning and finishing for all your fine clothing and household items, backed by technical knowledge and commitment to customer service.

Our History

John Andrew Nichols established HandCraft Cleaners as a dry cleaning and laundry facility in 1970 after spending 12 years as the owner at the former Heritage Cleaners in Richmond, Va.


Today, more than four decades later, the family business continues to grow while sons Keith, Jay, and Jeff carry the torch. In 1983, HandCraft Linen Services was established, which currently provides and cleans lab coats and linens to hospitals, doctors’ offices, and medical labs throughout six states. That is about 40 million pounds of linen per year!

HandCraft Cleaners & Launderers Core Values

After being founded by John Andrew Nichols, our core values were immediately established and we continue to stand by them.

Mutual Respect & Integrity

We are dedicated to dignity and respect for our team members. Everyone is part of the Company’s team and influences success. As a result, each of us deserves to be treated accordingly.


HandCraft is committed to providing opportunity for growth at all levels of our team.


HandCraft respects and welcomes diversity in its team members, customers, suppliers, and others in the workplace.


We promise to deal with customers honestly and quickly. Everyone must also be committed to providing the highest quality standards and striving for continuous improvement.