Absolutely Outstanding Service

Since we have only recently moved to Richmond,  I did not know where to go to have my daughter’s wedding gown checked. It had been cleaned and packed in a box three years ago by a cleaner in North Carolina. My daughter lives and works in London, England, so she went online to review every possible company in the greater Richmond area. She found Dan Thomas, and from the first email he was so friendly, knowledgeable, and willing to help her. When I brought her dress into the shop he was extremely professional and took the time to really evaluate what her dress needed to be preserved. He discovered several serious mistakes that had been made, for instance a letter written in ink had been placed in the box with the dress and there were now two ink spots that had to be cleaned. The dress had also been packed without a single sheet of acid free paper, and it had not been carefully folded at all. Her veil was placed in the box but had not been pressed or wrapped. Dan absolutely went above and beyond our expectations to repress the dress and veil and repack it the way it should have been done in the first place. I had no idea that someone could take such a personal interest in a dress that means the world to someone else. I was so impressed that I brought in my wedding gown and my mother’s wedding gown for him to clean and preserve as well. Thank you very much, Dan, for all of your help and kindness.