Angel Wings

I have come to HandCraft for many, many years.

Before Christmas 2014, I was faced with the challenge of making 45 pair of angel wings to fit a church children’s choir for their Christmas musical. We could not afford to buy them already made or even pay for expensive materials. I came to HandCraft Cleaners with an unusual request – for 90 shirt hangers. I was greeted by Mary Ellen, and when I asked if this was reasonable, she cheerfully gave me more hangers than I had asked for. She even had them carried to my car in the rain. I bent the hangers on one end and wired two together to make a perfect form for wings. I glued silk from old scarves I hadn’t been able to throw away and added tinsel to their edges. They were beautiful, and the children felt beautiful wearing them and sang and acted with a great deal of gusto.

Thanks to HandCraft Cleaners’ generosity and to Mary Ellen for being such a nice, thoughtful person.