Don’t Trust Your Wedding Gown to Anyone Else!

Dan at HandCraft is a true expert at cleaning and preserving wedding gowns. I would not allow anyone else to handle our family’s gowns! He first cleaned and preserved my older daughter’s wedding gown six years ago. After my younger daughter recently tried it on but decided against wearing it for her upcoming wedding, Dan repackaged the gown with the same care of the original packing. He lovingly and carefully cares for gowns as if they were his own family heirlooms. After they are thoroughly cleaned and inspected, he packs them in full view of the customer to make sure there is satisfaction with the process. Dan is so knowledgeable from years of experience and answers all questions. As a bonus, he is a really nice guy who genuinely cares about and appreciates his customers, which is not often found these days in other businesses. I will certainly make sure to bring my younger daughter’s gown to him for cleaning and preserving after her wedding next spring!