From a Loyal Customer

Dear Joan,
Over the last twelve to fifteen years, HandCraft and you have provided all of our laundry/cleaning/alteration repairs, including some rugs and drapes.

Ken and I want to thank you for your services, which as far as we are concerned have been impeccable. We have sent you some very difficult problems to tackle, like red sauce on white pants and many more, and all have been cleaned perfectly. Your pickup and delivery home service is wonderful. The two or three drivers we have had over the years have been most professional, courteous, on time and reliable.

Your attention to processing the clothing is extraordinary. Over the years we have dealt with other cleaners and never did we have returns of laundry on special hangers with tissue paper in the sleeves and around the collars to prevent wrinkling. All my little notes about something that needs a little extra attention are always taken care of. All of your staff is always courteous and pleasant to deal with.

Having been in business ourselves we know how difficult it is to earn a good reputation, to keep long-term customers, and to be able to change with the times of modern day. As far as we are concerned HandCraft has been successful at all of the above and more.
I hope the owners of HandCraft know what employees they have and how much your expertise has meant to us.
We wish HandCraft many more years of success.