Wedding Gown Review


We had to take the opportunity to thank Dan Thomas and Handcraft Cleaners. I dropped off my daughter’s wedding gown from her 10.8.16 wedding (took place outside during Hurricane Matthew) the Monday after the wedding. I knew it was a long shot that it would ever come clean and it had even been rejected from one other cleaner. I wanted to at least try to preserve any piece of it as it was also my wedding gown to her father 21 years ago and was handmade by her paternal grandmother who was a master seamstress and passed several years ago. The gown was pretty much trashed. The silk had been drenched by the rain and the bottom half of the skirt was muddy to mudcaked.


We could not have been more pleased when we picked up the dress this past week. It is truly amazing the work that was performed and executed. The gown was brought back to it former state of beauty. Would love to post before and after pictures. From the bottom of my heart, I THANK you for your dedication to your craft. You made us so happy!!