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Alterations & Repairs

Would you like for your clothes to fit you to a T? Do you have a few garments that may be in need of some ‘TLC’? Our seamstress, Beverley Mollicone, has what it takes to make those things happen! We are able to handle most of your clothing alteration and repair needs to include hemming and tapering garments, adjusting waist-lines, sewing patches, replacing buttons, and replacing pockets.

We have been providing alteration and repairs for garments for many decades. We are dedicated to providing services to clothing that matches your style. There is no job too small for Beverly. We can sew buttons on a shirt, or work with prom dresses or wedding gowns.

Beverly Mollicone our clothing alterations staff employee

Beverley is available at our 5705 Patterson Avenue plant weekdays from 7:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. for fittings. For those who request the hemming or shortening of pants, dresses, or skirts, please bring with you the shoes you plan to wear most often after the garment is altered. If a fitting is not necessary, our counter representatives and route drivers will be happy to send your garment(s) to the alterations department for you. For our route customers, please pin legible instructions onto the garment. Depending on the nature of the work, please allow an approximate 7-day turn-around time for processing.

Many organizations are also in need of our alterations and repair services. To receive specific information for larger orders, please contact us.

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