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Leather, Suede, & Fur Cleaning

Genuine leather, suede, and fur are often some of our most cherished items, and usually the quickest to show signs of wear. Your leather, suede, and fur belongings require specific cleaning procedures to preserve the finish, feel and color. HandCraft will ensure these items will have the care and special attention necessary to keep you looking your very best.

Our specialists have the ability to make the most difficult stains, scuffs, and scrapes disappear while preserving the natural appearance of your leather suede and fur. During the cleaning process, all soiled areas and stains are inspected and removed. Your delicate leather and suede belongings are then cleaned in unique baths of natural tanning oils to replenish the balance of oil from the animal hides to preserve the nature look. Depending on your specific needs, many of your items will then be pressed using finishing equipment designed specifically for the care of your leather, suede and/or fur belongings.


No matter what the item may be – a leather suede or fur coat, jacket, pants, gloves or even Uggs –  you can trust us to provide you with the utmost attention and care. Due to the nature of the work, please allow a three week turn-around time.