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Home/Office Pick-up & Delivery

Why Try our Home/Office Pick-up & Delivery Service?

Not only do you save a lot of time by receiving HandCraft’s traditional quality and excellent service without leaving your home or office, our Pick-up & Delivery Service is Easy, Convenient and Free!

It’s Easy:

  • Call 804.201.7817 or click here to sign up for service—It’s that simple!
  • Prior to your first pick-up, a specific driver will be assigned to you. We will then contact you to confirm your weekly pick-up & delivery schedule (either Monday/Thursday or Tuesday/Friday) and provide you with two free personalized HandCraft laundry bags.   We will also speak with you to determine a convenient weather-protected location for your service and set up billing.


It’s Convenient:

  • No need to be home!
  • Weekly service is appreciated, but not required.
  • Anything you would normally bring to the cleaners you can leave for us – dry cleaning, laundry, alterations, linens, bedding – even area rugs!
  • If special attention is needed, simply pin a legible note to the garment in need.
  • For those stubborn stains, click here to download and print our Stain Notification Form. Fill out the information regarding the stain, pin it to the garment and include it with your incoming order.  We will do the rest!
  • No need to look for cash, your checkbook, or credit card when your order arrives – we will bill directly to the credit card you choose to have on file.
  • Going out of town? No worries!  Just click here to let us know. We will hold your order until you return!

It’s Free:

  • No minimum order!
  • No delivery or membership fee!
  • No contracts!
  • No additional charge for the service!
  • You will be eligible to receive the same discounts our store customers receive!

Our Pick-Up & Delivery Drivers:  email address ~ first and last name @handcraftservices.com 

thomas barlow
  Joe Robinson (temporary)
LaToya Sumler (not pictured)
Thomas Barlow